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Relationship and Sex Education

Today’s Children; Tomorrow’s Future


Respect, Compassion, Courage, Responsibility




In line with our Curriculum Rationale our curriculum encourages the development of the whole child. Through our school Core Values, we foster an environment where the academic, social, cultural, spiritual, moral, emotional and physical development of each child is equally valued.


The Partners in Learning Academy Trust’s function is to provide a general education about relationships, sex and health issues that is appropriate to the age and development of the pupils and their religious and cultural background.


Our aims, in line with our overall Curriculum Rationale, are for all children to be able to talk about relationships and to be taught about the nature of secure relationships and their importance for family life. DfEE guidance document on Sex and Relationship Education (ref DfEE 0116/2000.)


We have based our Relationship and Sex Education policy on the National Curriculum which states that some parts of relationship and sex education are compulsory - these are part of the National Curriculum for science. A high-quality science education provides the foundations for understanding the world through the specific disciplines of biology. (Purpose of study, National Curriculum, 2014)


Our ultimate goal is for learners to be successful, confident individuals, who make a positive contribution to the community and society - both now and in the future.


 We use a programme tailored to the age and the physical and emotional maturity of the children which has been approved by the PSHE association. Please see below.


(Relationships and Sex Education Policy)